Mobile Pet Grooming Servicing Katy,TX & surrounding areas (Se habla Español)

Groomer's tips...

🚨 Emergency bath at home?

It's very important to remember all mats and tangles must be removed before bathing, wetting them makes them worse by tightening and shrinking the knots! If bathing your pet at home, it's helpful to place your thumb over the ear canal to prevent water entry and place your hand over the eyes to protect them from the direct force of the water. Apply conditioner if needed and rinse, rinse, rinse!

📌 For the go getters:

Grooming your pet can be a pleasurable experience for both you and your pet! It is important that the grooming area is warm and distraction-free. Speak to your pet in loving and reassuring tones as you proceed. Place a light-colored towel on a table for your pet to stand on. This will prevent slipping and allow for inspection for fleas, flea dirt, dandruff, etc.